We are not alone

…well I am alone on this blog.


I had this great idea, a blog! A blog bout protists! How original!  Here is the lesson, do the google search before you start. Below are just some of the pages that result from searching “protist blog.”  Is there room for another one?  maybe not but I think I will keep plunking away.

http://skepticwonder.fieldofscience.com/ cool and active

http://xup5matt.wordpress.com/ cool, seems like a short term project

http://theprotist.com/2010/07/new-posters-available/ art

http://www.tara.protist.fr/?page_id=64 in french but has cool pics of desert radiolarians, active

http://scienceblogs.com/clock/2006/07/biological_clocks_in_protista.php some old posts about circadian clocks in protists (haven’t read yet but I can ‘t wait).  I think the actual blog has moved, just search for blog around the clock.

I am not going to do the “microbiology blog” search.


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